As Huzzak Construction Company which is the leader of Turkish construction industry by breaking grounds, we create projects that changes standards with modern residences and living spaces. We are the brand that gains confidence of both suppliers and consumers in our industry with our corporate identity that fulfills our experience and commitments in construction processes up to the littlest details with our financial structure.

In our projects that riveting with their unique specialties, we combine the most suitable architectural and construction techniques with solutions that meet the expectations of consumers. With each work that we make with R&D studies, know-how process and after-sales support service; we continue to produce brand-line projects reflecting unique values.

Our mission is to be a brand of innovations by turning cutting-edge technology to a joy that is felt in every moment of life which considers quality and comfort in all stages of construction process with our qualified and experienced personnel as an organization focused on innovation and customer expectations.

Our basic and fundamental vision is to provide a comfort going beyond meeting all needs in all spaces where human lives and with which applications that make a difference in life in our projects by following up latest technologies and new solutions in the construction industry.