As Huzzak, we aspire to do the best and perfect of our works and always makes continuous audits and tests by its white-collar audit employees. Moreover, the company has independent audits made by outsources project consultancy companies. In addition, department of independent monitoring and receiving unit makes quality control by making unplanned audits.

All materials that are used in Huzzak buildings are first class materials with quality certificate.

As Huzzak, we provide the environment and place for our customer to live within the period which we undertake to complete.

Huzzak projects are designed by architecture within the scope of the country. Huzzak combines with environment-friendly Technologies with materials that are chosen as per latest trends and turns them into fine living spaces. In each project, the company offers innovations with reasonable solutions to the industry.

Huzzak renders service in technical support that shall be started after the delivery of all projects and develops infrastructures in this issue.

Our company provides credit facilities and installment services within our scope of our company. When you use credit facilities for 75% of the apartment price, you could pay the residual 25% advanced payment in once. If you like, you could pay the half amount of the advanced payment after 12 months and the other half after 24 months. In addition, you have the opportunity of 30 months installments without interest and maturity.

Our company has contracts with Turkiye Finans and Albaraka Turk banks. Thus, we could provide opportunity for maturity up to 120 months and credit facilities started from the ratio of 0,69% to our customers.